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Policy and Platform

We Are One City

The City of Sunrise is a bountiful City that is also geographically, culturally, and economically diverse.  Even though we have over 90,000 residents, “We Are One City”.  

Our residents care what happens in this City.  Whether we are young or young-at-heart and no matter our cultural background, our residents have galvanized around issues that are important to all residents.  We need to encourage our residents to be engaged, inspiring all with the firm believe that is no north vs. south or east vs. west if we are to thrive. 

As a resident, no matter where you live, we all want safe neighborhoods with good schools, thriving local businesses that are delivering good jobs, first responders who are motivated, well-trained, and well-equipped, businesses who respect our environment for all generations, and a transparent, trustworthy government. 

The name of our City, “Sunrise” inspires the visions of a new day.  So let’s work side-by-side to:
* Inspire greater resident involvement in Government, Schools, and neighborhood activities and issues;

* Demonstrate, by example, the benefits of volunteering for the young and young-at-heart;

* Promote business development that doesn’t forget we must help existing businesses in Sunrise to stay in Sunrise and stay in business;

* Demand that the decisions made by our Commission are made on the merits of this issue, not on who they know;

* Seek fiscal responsibility in all areas of our government, not just those areas that are always on the cutting block;

* Teach and protect students through a robust and supported full-time School Resource Officer program;

* Drive responsible and environmentally sensitive business development for all generations to come;

* Reach across the diversity of our City, bringing all residents and businesses together because …


Mikes Speaks on City Charter Amendments

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Sunrise Charter Review Board - MJR Statement - December 15, 2009 [PDF]

Sunrise Charter Review Board - MJR Statement - January 13, 2010 [PDF]

Mike Ryan stands up for and brings together all the residents in opposition to putting a garbage transfer station in our City

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Mike fights to protect full-time School Resource Officers in our schools

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Summer Camps: Ryan Fights for Sunrise Families

As you must be aware, each year many families in the City of Sunrise rely upon a summer camp program run by the City of Sunrise. This City-run summer camp program is cost effective and convenient for families. It allows working parents an affordable program for their children in safe environments. For many many families, the affordability of the summer camp program is a crucial component of managing the summer, economically and physically, during the months without school. For some, it is the only way they can manage the summer financially.

In years past, the City has had the cooperative assistance of the School Board to run the summer camp programs in the schools located within the geographic boundaries of the City of Sunrise. This year, the School Board has changed that relationship dramatically.

This year the School Board has made 2 schools unavailable to the City -- not because the schools are unavailable for children but because the School Board has decided to run a competing summer camp program Specifically, the School Board is now running a competing summer program at Nob Hill Elementary and Welleby Elementary. This has had a dramatic negative impact on the families in the City of Sunrise. Why? Because the School Board is charging more than double for the program and has removed approximately 150 available spots from the City for the City-run affordable program.

To give you sense of the issue, during the 2009 Summer, the City of Sunrise enrolled approximately 950 children. This year, because these 2 schools were removed from the availability for the City program, the City was capped at approximately 800. Presumably, the School Board believes it will be able to fill those approximately 150 (or more) spots by running its own program. However, the City of Sunrise program costs a City of Sunrise family $450 for 8 weeks. In contrast, the School Board program costs a City of Sunrise family $1000 for 8 weeks (at $125 per week). This is a significant cost difference for families that are already struggling in a difficult economy. Overall, if the School Board filled the approximately 150 spots, you are costing City of Sunrise families over $80,000 for the summer in extra costs for their children.

I understand that the School Board has had to make changes. Some of these are due to the economic times, and some due to budgetary problems popularly believed to generated by School Board mis-management. We understand the School Board has closed schools on Fridays over the summer, making the schools available only if the City would pay a significant fee to have the schools opened. The City has adjusted the program and is now having to inconvenience families by centralizing Summer camp at Piper High School on Fridays. Aside from the increased traffic headaches over the summer for the residents in that area and the inconvenience for parents of the campers, the City has had to adopt new procedures to accommodate the decision of the School Board.

However, to so dramatically cost City of Sunrise families by creating and running a competing summer camp program, when the City program has become an economic life-raft for many families during the summer, is insensitive and without regard to the true impact on families.

I hope you will take immediate steps to correct this problem for the benefit of City of Sunrise families. I know I will be working with the City to change this process and re-evaluate entirely the relationship of the City with the School Board

Best regards,

Michael Ryan
President, Sawgrass Elementary PTA

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Klee Bill

Governor Signing Ceremony for the Klee Bill, co-authored by Mike Ryan on behalf of the Klee Family. To the left of the Governor, Mike stands with the Klee family. The bill gives victims of crimes the opportunity for justice when a loved one is killed and the crime is covered up by the perpertrator.

Klee Bill Signing

City of Sunrise Teacher of the Month

City of Sunrise Teacher of the Month [PDF]

Mr. Mayor, Ms. Deputy Mayor, Mr. Assistant Deputy Mayor, and Commissioners:

As promised, a proposal for a "Teacher of the Month" program has been finalized. With the assistance, coordination and approval of the School Board, the attached proposal is being submitted for your consideration.

I am requesting this be placed on the May 25, 2010 Commission Agenda. That way, if approved by the Commission, we will be able to announce the program before families and teachers recess for the summer. More fundamentally, given all the depressing news regarding budget cuts, this would be a good time to tell our teachers how much we value their service.

At the core of this proposal is the spirit of the existing program where the City recognizes each month the terrific and heroic acts of first-responders as well as those employees who demonstrate tremendous commitment to the City. While the teachers in the Sunrise schools are not employees of the City, we all recognize having great teachers in our schools, improves our City. Better schools are important for our families, our businesses, and our City at large.

The program requires, by agreement, the School Board to administer the process of choosing the "Teacher of the Month". Given number of schools in our City, we would rotate each month the school choosing the "Teacher of the Month". In that way, each school can be recognized throughout the year. We doubled up in May 2011 due to the number of schools in our City.

Right now, I understand the City provides a $100 savings bond to the monthly award recipients, which has a cost of $50. We propose that a $50 gift certificate for educational supplies be provided as the award, along with a framed certificate. To make this revenue neutral on the City, I will bring the parent-teacher organizations together in an attempt to fund the cost of this program. However, recognizing that this is the end of the school year, my family has agreed to donate the first year's costs of $50 per month and the cost of the framed certificates so that we can ensure the approval of this program as soon as possible and guarantee the program begins.

I am hopeful that the "Teacher of the Month" program will be approved by the Commission. I am told by the School Board that this is the first time such a proposal has been made anywhere in our County. I am hoping it will be a model for other cities in the County, and around the State.

If you need me to draft an Ordinance or resolution, please let me know so I may submit that to you at the Commission meeting on Tuesday.

Best regards,

Mike Ryan

Everglades Development

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Thank you VERY much to all those who donated.

Unfortunately, according to campaign rules, the deadline for campaign donations has passed.


The general election for Mayor of Sunrise will be held on:

AUGUST 24, 2010

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