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About Mike Ryan

Who is Mike Ryan?


I know some of you are asking this question or have been asked this question. Let me introduce myself, for those who have not already become supporters of my campaign.

My wife and I relocated our young family to Sunrise 10 years ago. We thought it was a great place for them to grow up, and we still feel the same way. My two school age children are both going to Sunrise schools this year. If elected, I will be the only member of the City Commission with children in Sunrise public schools.

I am a Partner in the law firm, Krupnick Campbell Malone. I graduated from Broward County public schools and then earned an undergraduate degree in Finance, with distinction, from The George Washington University. I was a bank examiner after college and later graduated Summa Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve School of Law.

As a long-time resident, I have been civically active in our community for a long time:

  • I was one of the leaders successfully opposing the Garbage Transfer Station (often called “the dump”) in Sunrise. I then helped author a proposed Charter amendment to prevent any future transfer station from ever being built.
  • On behalf of homeowners, I traveled to Tallahassee and Washington D.C. to meet and work with state and Federal elected leaders, including Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congressman Klein, former Congressman Wexler, on Chinese Drywall and foreclosure issues.
  • I assisted State Representative Ari Porth in authoring the “Klee” Law, which now opens the courthouse doors for families of victims’ who have been murdered.
  • I worked with State Senator Nan Rich to improve school zone signage so we could better notify drivers when approaching a school zone.
  • On behalf of all families in Sunrise, I rallied hundreds of families to help keep full- time School Resource Officers in City of Sunrise elementary schools.
  • I brought to the City Commission’s attention a loophole in the “pill mill” ordinance, which was hurting local businesses and neighborhoods, and recommended strategies and solutions.
  • I spoke against the Everglades Corporate Park Project as it was planned, which is intended to be placed west of Sawgrass Expressway on the border of the Everglades.
I also have volunteered, trying to positively touch as many lives as possible.
  • I have run 7 marathons for charity, including T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), the Semper Fi Fund, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Achilles International and Childhood First.
  • I participated in a 900 mile wheelchair event for charity as a support rider for every mile. We completed the event in 8 days 10 hours.
  • I helped organize a Wounded Warriors program to deliver needed goods and supplies to injured soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany; I later volunteered at the Landstuhl U.S.O. with my son.
  • I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Minority Development and Empowerment, Inc and a member of the Executive Committee of the Broward County Haiti Relief Taskforce.
  • While still in law school, I co-organized a National project bringing lawyers and law schools together to volunteer in South Florida to assist Haitians seeking political asylum. I have also traveled to Haiti twice after the January earthquake, bringing medical supplies and goods for children.
  • I am an immediate past two-term President of the PTA at Sawgrass Elementary. I am a former Chair of Broward County Council of PTAs School Resource Officer Committee. I was appointed by the Sunrise City Commission for three terms to the Education Advisory Board; for two terms, I served as Chair of Advisory Board.
  • I have coached youth soccer (girls and boys), baseball, and flag football in Sunrise.

I have been endorsed for Mayor of Sunrise by the Sunrise Fire-Paramedic Union, the Broward County Fire-Paramedic Union, the Sunrise Police FOP, the Broward County FOP, the State of Florida FOP, the Sunrise General Employees Union and State Representative, Ari Porth.

I do not consider myself a career politician. I have done many of the things that you may have done as well. I am a parent, a proud resident of Sunrise and a compassionate citizen who tries to improve the quality of life no matter where you live in our City.

Simply stated, “We are One City”. I am working hard to bring our whole City together to build a stronger future in these tough economic times.

Best regards,

Mike Ryan

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Mike, husband and a father of two children ages 12 and 10, is a nearly 10 year resident of Sunrise. Mike is finishing his second term as PTA President for Sawgrass Elementary and is starting his second term as Chair of the City of Sunrise Education Advisory Board. In addition, Mike has been a volunteer coach in the City of Sunrise youth programs, including baseball, flag- football and multiple seasons of boys and girls soccer.

“I understand, no matter where you live in the City, we share the common bond of wanting great schools in safe neighborhoods, security and safety for all residents and visitors, well-trained and motivated first responders, respect for our precious environment, and a prosperous local economy where responsible businesses can thrive and generate good jobs,” explained Mike.

On the legislative side, Mike helped write legislation with State Representative Ari Porth known as the “Klee Bill”, opening the doors of the courthouse for crime victims. The “Klee Bill” is presently awaiting the Governor’s signature. Mike also worked on legislation to improve “school zone” signage, a task he credits State Senator Nan Rich with spearheading after Mike brought his concerns, as a then member of the Safety Committee for the Broward County Council of PTAs, to Senator Rich’s attention.

Mike attended Broward County public middle and high schools. After attending The George Washington University, where he graduated with Distinction obtaining a B.A. in Finance, Mike joined the Federal Home Loan Bank Board as a Bank Examiner. Mike’s job was to examine the accounting and regulatory practices of financial institutions with assets totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. “That experience, including analyzing bad and risky investments devised by those pushing the limits of questionable investment strategies, cemented my views that we must be extremely wary of exotic projects and investments that seem too good to be true”, offered Mike.

Mike then attended law school at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law on a full- scholarship and graduated, Summa Cum Laude, in 1992. “My law school years are where I really began to understand the impact of politics and law on the individual”, explained Mike. Mike’s work in law school earned him accolades from professors and students alike, where he received numerous academic and extra-curricular awards at graduation, including “Student of the Year” and “The Martin Luther King, Jr. Award” for his work on many anti-discrimination projects. In addition, he also received the National Award “Outstanding Law Student of the Year” from Who’s Who based upon his academic performance, volunteerism and work on the national Haitian Refugee Asylum Project which he co-created while in Law School.

After law school, Mike accepted a coveted job as a Law Clerk to a United States District Court Judge. After a few years in the state and Federal public defender offices, Mike joined the law firm of Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Hancock Liberman & Mckee. As a Partner in the firm, Mike has specialized in helping families involved in catastrophic cases and has lectured nationally to lawyers and judges on different topics. In 1999 Mike was nominated as one of the National finalists for the prestigious “Trial Lawyer of the Year” Award by the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, based upon his work and that of his firm in a civil rights case involving the treatment of brain injured patients by the State of Florida.

Mike RyanMike has also demonstrated his commitment to community through charitable work. “After I hit 40, my brother, who is a Commander in the U.S. Navy serving in the Middle East, convinced me to start running for charities. But, I don’t think I had run two miles in my entire life. Soon, motivated by my brother and great causes, I was running marathons for charities such as The Michael J. Fox Foundation and various wounded soldiers charities.” Last summer, Mike and his brother started a charity event where they traveled 902 miles in 8 days 10 hours for wounded soldiers and their families. His brother was in a wheel chair and Mike was on a bike. “I learned we can overcome mountains we would have thought impossible,” explained Mike.

“I have had many successes in courtrooms throughout Florida and the United States. But, some of my greatest moments have been helping the people of Sunrise. Our work on the School Resource Officer program galvanized the community and families around the unshakable belief that children thrive in safe schools. The multi-cultural, multi-faith opposition to the wrong- minded garbage transfer station was a moment of great success for Sunrise residents over those who were pushing a project the community so clearly did not want or need. Working with Sunrise families and businesses to gather supplies and goods for both of my trips to Haiti after the January earthquake and to a military hospital overseas with my son to visit wounded soldiers, proved residents of Sunrise have an incredible reservoir of compassion. Riding a bus all night to Tallahassee with children, parents and teachers as one of the organizers for the Broward County Council of PTAs trip to the Capital in support of public education, taught us and our young people that being involved in government is a right to be cherished,” outlined Mike.

As Mike summed up, “I have demonstrated my commitment to issues important to the City of Sunrise and the residents. I have been to Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. to work with legislators to find solutions to all sorts of problems. Now, I want to engage residents in a process to help preserve build public confidence through transparency of government, fiscal responsibility, and a commitment to responsible business growth tempered by the best interests of the residents and next generation.”


Thank you VERY much to all those who donated.

Unfortunately, according to campaign rules, the deadline for campaign donations has passed.


The general election for Mayor of Sunrise will be held on:

AUGUST 24, 2010

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