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Countdown to a New Sunrise

Vote August 24th!

We Are One City

The City of Sunrise is a bountiful City that is also geographically, culturally, and economically diverse.  Even though we have over 90,000 residents, “We Are One City”.  

Our residents care what happens in this City.  Whether we are young or young-at-heart and no matter our cultural background, our residents have galvanized around issues that are important to all residents.  We need to encourage our residents to be engaged, inspiring all with the firm believe that is no north vs. south or east vs. west if we are to thrive. 

As a resident, no matter where you live, we all want safe neighborhoods with good schools, thriving local businesses that are delivering good jobs, first responders who are motivated, well-trained, and well-equipped, businesses who respect our environment for all generations, and a transparent, trustworthy government. 

The name of our City, “Sunrise” inspires the visions of a new day.  So let’s work side-by-side to:
* Inspire greater resident involvement in Government, Schools, and neighborhood activities and issues;

* Demonstrate, by example, the benefits of volunteering for the young and young-at-heart;

* Promote business development that doesn’t forget we must help existing businesses in Sunrise to stay in Sunrise and stay in business;

* Demand that the decisions made by our Commission are made on the merits of this issue, not on who they know;

* Seek fiscal responsibility in all areas of our government, not just those areas that are always on the cutting block;

* Teach and protect students through a robust and supported full-time School Resource Officer program;

* Drive responsible and environmentally sensitive business development for all generations to come;

* Reach across the diversity of our City, bringing all residents and businesses together because …



Mike Ryan for Mayor of Sunrise

Michael Ryan

Today, Mike Ryan, a long time City of Sunrise resident, announced his decision to run for the Office of Mayor of the City of Sunrise.

“I have been involved in many important issues in the City of Sunrise for years. I have worked with hundreds of families across the City and County to try to save our full-time School Resource Officers, worked to organize residents opposed the garbage transfer station some Commissioners wanted to put right next to a place of worship, submitted my views regarding the proposed Charter Review Board changes, and worked on a broad array of educational issues. My decision to run for the Office of Mayor is an extension of my dedication to the families, employees and businesses in the City of Sunrise,” said Mike.


Children Save SROs

Children Save SROs

Thank you VERY much to all those who donated.

Unfortunately, according to campaign rules, the deadline for campaign donations has passed.


The general election for Mayor of Sunrise will be held on:

AUGUST 24, 2010

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